Make great buying decisions on valid information

The fox is guarding the hen house

  • Networks and exchanges control what you get to see – Caveat Emptor
  • Advertisers don’t know what they are buying and sellers have no incentive to tell them
  • Without checks & balances waste and fraud have the upper hand
  • PureClick audits your digital media campaigns and finds the waste
  • You save money or move the spend to campaigns that deliver real traffic
  • Digital advertising is a high stakes poker game, if you don’t know who the sucker at the table is, its you…

Case Studies

Click Resolution, How Ad Networks and Publishers are making Billions of Dollars for Nothing

It’s not a “bounce rate”, it is invalid traffic…read more

Big Publisher, Big Network & Big Fraud

Everyone is doing it and some turn the other cheek to it, how much is enough?…read more

Bots-R-Us, Purchasing Bot Traffic is So Easy Your Kids Can Do It

An analysis of the fraudulent publisher practice of buying traffic to increase revenue…read more

Symphony, Conducting Fraud on the Opera Mini Browser Platform

Loki’s lesser cousin, but equally damaging to advertisers and undetected by networks…read more

Loki, the Norse Bot of Click Fraud

Active and costing advertisers tens of millions of dollars…read more

Anonymous Publishers @ Google

Why would you ever do business with someone you can’t see…read more

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