$8.2 billion in Ad Fraud and climbing

How much of it is coming from your budget?

PureClick is an independent digital media auditing company

We validate advertising @source

Analytics vs. Validation

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data

Validation is the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something

Think your covered, guess again

Big Publisher, Big Network & Big Fraud

Everyone is doing it and some turn the other cheak to it, how much is enough?…read more

Bots-R-Us, Purchasing Bot Traffic is So Easy Your Kids Can Do It

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Symphony, Conducting Fraud on the Opera Mini Browser Platform

Loki’s lesser cousin, but equally damaging to advertisers and undetected by networks…read more

Loki, the Norse Bot of Click Fraud

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PureClick finds

General & Sophisticated IVT

Bots, malware, click farms, mistaken clicks etc.  Simply, the majority of traffic on the Internet is programmatic.

Duplicate Clicks

Repetitive clicking on your ads. About 3% of your traffic is duplicate clicking within seconds


Commercially worthless traffic that is gone immediately.  Over 25% of display advertising traffic tested is gone in 2 seconds or less.


One click confirmation of non-human traffic and traffic without intent.  Intent is the best measure of value in PPC advertising.

Mobile Fraud

Fat finger fraud.  91% of measured mobile traffic is accidental or malware driven.

We audit any network or publisher, including





PureClick‘s technology, so cool its patent pending

The only click measurement technology to have ever been accredited for IAB Valid Clicks, IAB Valid Clicks Resolved and PureCaptcha Confirmed Clicks (humans with intent clicking on your ads).