Identifying wasted advertising spend at the source in your Pay-Per-Click campaigns

The Problem

$8.2 Billion in ad fraud per year

PureClick = Click Validation

Identifies what Analytics won’t show on a per-click basis.

General & sophisticated invalid traffic

Bots, spiders, malware and mistaken clicks…

Duplicate click activity

Repetitive click activity…

Click resolution

Worthless clicks that immediately bounce…

PureCaptcha confirmed clicks

Human with intent…

Mobile traffic

Mistaken clicks…

Javascript Implementation

Minutes to install on site

Compatible with any platform





any online source…

PureClick for Advertisers

A simple JavaScript tag that works with any PPC relationship including AdWords, Bing and Yahoo.  Identify which Networks you should be working with and which ones are simply wasting your budget.

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PureClick for Publishers

Publishers source traffic, use PureClick to identify legitimate traffic source and bad actors.  Protect your AdSense account from being banned, before it damages your business.

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PureClick for Networks

Use our post click patent pending technology to catch the most sophisticated invalid traffic in the marketplace.  Help identify the best sources of traffic and efficacy of targeting technologies.

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