$8.2 billion in Ad Fraud and climbing

Stop it with PureClick


The only click measurement technology to have ever been accredited for IAB Valid Clicks, IAB Valid Clicks Resolved and PureCaptcha Confirmed Clicks (humans with intent clicking on your ads).

Use the patent pending technology to see the information that large networks withhold from you in their reporting and analytics tools to make smarter buying decisions without fraud.

Types of fraud caught by PureClick

General & Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Bots, malware, click farms, mistaken clicks etc.  Simply, the majority of traffic on the Internet is programmatic.

Duplicate Clicks

Repetitive clicking on your ads. About 3% of your traffic is duplicate clicking within seconds

Immediate bounces

Commercially worthless traffic that is gone immediately.  Over 25% of display advertising traffic tested is gone in 2 seconds or less.  The average page load time is more than double that.


One click confirmation of non-human traffic and traffic without intent.  Intent is the best measure of value in PPC advertising.

Mobile Traffic

Fat finger fraud.  91% of measured mobile traffic is accidental or malware driven.

Focus your ad spend on legitimate publishers and Networks*

*real people, real intent, real engagement

Learn where to direct your spend for the highest quality traffic.

Easy installation & reporting

A simple minimized Javascript that installs in minutes.

Your secure PureClick dashboard

No other analytics reporting shares “per-click” data, like we report. Try us free for 30 days and start re-allocating your ad spend and saving money.

Compatible with





 or any online marketing source…

PureClick for Advertisers

A simple JavaScript tag that works with any PPC relationship including AdWords, Bing and Yahoo.  Identify which Networks you should be working with and which ones are simply wasting your budget.

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PureClick for Publishers

Publishers source traffic, use PureClick to identify legitimate traffic sources and bad actors.  Protect your AdSense account from being banned.

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PureClick for Networks

Use our post click patent pending technology to catch the most sophisticated invalid traffic in the marketplace.  Help identify the best sources of traffic and efficacy of targeting technologies.

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Do you know if your traffic is real?

Start finding out in 5 minutes.

No other analytics reporting shares “per-click” data, like we report. Try us free for 30 days and start re-allocating your ad spend.

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